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Exploring and sharing the natural wonders of the sea.

Both in Ecuador and Galapagos islands since 1997


A unique combination of scuba diving, marine biology and communications are our core. We aim to educate and inspire respect and love for the marine ecosystems in Ecuador, Galapagos and around the world through education, and unforgettable experiences, thus transforming lives.

Respect & Care

We are located in the Machalilla National Park, in the Manabí province of Ecuador, from there we not only explore the wonders of the Ecuadorian coast, but venture into Isla de La Plata, the Galapagos islands and other international destinations with our tours.

The Crew

Meet the Crew


Jose Solís

General Manager


PADI Open Water Diving Instructor (OWSI), Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) , PADI Freediving Instructor, Ecotourism Graduate, National Guide and Galapagos Marine Reserve Guide, diving, diving since he was 14 years of age in recreational diving, both on the Ecuadorian mainland coast and in the Galapagos Islands.


Juan Manuel Álava

Operation Manager

Biologist, Marine Ecologist with particular interest in reef fishes and marine conservation. PADI Open Water Instructor  and Master Scuba Diver Trainer, he has experience in recreational and scientific diving, both in coastal continental Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. He has also dove in Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Australia.



Rescue Diver
Underwater Photographer

Ecuadorian biologist and underwater photographer, focused on ocean conservation with a special interest in the study of giant manta rays (Mobula birostris). She has over 13 years of experience diving off the Ecuadorian coast, she is a PADI Rescue diver and a certified FMAS scientific diver.


Gustavo Pazmiño

Underwater Photographer


Ecuadorian-Argentine biologist with special interest in ecology and conservation. Photographer and videographer of nature and the underwater world. PADI Advanced Open Water Diver with 5 years of experience diving off the Ecuadorian coast and the Galapagos Islands.



Dive Master

Scuba Guide

Ecuadorian biologist and conservationist, interested in the protection of marine and tropical ecosystems. Scientific Diver FMAS certified. PADI Divemaster, with over 13 years of experience diving on the Ecuadorian coast.


Social Responsibility 

We believe in protecting the marine ecosystems in an active way.

That is why Exploramar Diving® supports diverse NGOs, like Fundación Megafauna Marina del Ecuador, organization that through research and education creates awareness and protects the Ecuadorian coast and the Galapagos marine reserve. Our involvement is not only financial but also hands on, through participation of our staff in the organization’s activities.

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